giorgio emidi

music production

giorgio emidi

music production

“you can be anything you want to be, just turn yourself into anything you think that you could ever be”


  • Diffraction EP
    sul mio canale YouTube

  • Soundbeat Session
    con le canzoni di Jade Hoffman

  • Tribute to the Beatles
    on my YouTube channel

  • Our tribute to John Lennon available on all digital platforms

    Arrangement: Federico Clementi, Giorgio Emidi
    Production, mix, master: Giorgio Emidi
    Federico Clementi: piano, orchestrations
    Giorgio Emidi: guitars, bass
    Dora Pereli: voice

  • From today you can listen to my new song!

    “Rocky way”
    Music&Words: G. Emidi
    Arranged, produced, mixed, mastered by G. Emidi
    Giorgio Emidi: guitars, bass, piano, choir
    Rory Sullivan: voice
    Antonio Falasca: drums

  • My new single is available!
    Dedicated to those who despite all the difficulties

    continues to struggle to pursue his dreams!

    “back on your path”
    Music&Words: G. Emidi
    Arranged, produced, mixed, mastered by G. Emidi
    Giorgio Emidi: guitars, bass, wurli
    Will Nacar: voice
    Marco Virgili: drums

  • Released today "The fragile will be the first", Rebecca's second single I've arranged,

    produced and mixed.
    At the end of the month, let's get back to work on the other songs that will be part of the EP!
    It is very short to see this project of a talented singer-songwriter realized!

  • Here is Rebecca's first single, the result of a collaboration born only a few months ago.

    I put my all into finding an arrangement that was up to the piece,
    producing it in the best possible way and making a mix that could enhance all the work done.
    This is the result, and we're just getting started!

  • Rebecca's arrangements for her Ep
    are almost finished.

    Everything sounds great, we'll soon start production!

  • The new live cd by Piero delle Monache has been released and I took part in it by editing the tracks.

  • Here we go! My first single with Rebecca's voice is online on all digital platforms!

    “Beside Me”
    Music and Words: Giorgio Emidi
    Arrangement - Production - Mix: Giorgio Emidi
    Mastering: Claudio Esposito



As far as Mixing is concerned we can also collaborate remotely. If you have some stems or single tracks you can send me your material and give me directions to understand the kind of sound you have in mind with the help of reference tracks. Or if you don't have clear ideas I can help you to understand how to proceed in order to give value to the track you recorded, especially in the crucial phase of choosing reverbs and delays.

When you record your songs at home some fundamental elements are likely to be overlooked, jeopardizing the quality of the final product. For example the recording of the drums made in your rehearsal room: as a matter of fact when you use several microphones to record the same sound source there is the crucial issue of phase coherence very hard to manage if you are not experienced. But don't worry, even in post-production these aspects can be improved with the use of special plugins. If you have any doubts send me the tracks even just for a technical opinion, I can help you to understand which is the best way to proceed.

Or if you have recorded some electric guitars and you are not satisfied with the sound, I can re-amp with the use of a tube amp, or even digitally with high quality plugins using DI's clean recording.


Each track (as soon as the mix is finished) must be finalized before publication, in order to be compatible with international audio standards. In this phase corrections and improvements are made (if necessary) and different audio formats are created according to the use of a song (digital platforms, video, cd, vinyl).


Brani Originali

Original Tracks

Did you write guitar and vocals or piano and vocals? I'll help you turn them into songs that you can publish on all digital platforms or on a CD! Together we'll figure out the best arrangement that highlights your qualities as an artist, the best sounds to enhance your work as a songwriter. We will make a completely digital production of high quality to make your music known. Whether it's a single, an EP or an entire album.



If you want to be an artist on record labels you need demos with a high level of audio that make it clear that you're serious: no professional record company would give credit to songs recorded with a mobile phone or a microphone of poor quality, because every element within the recording must be clearly distinguishable and enhanced resorting to specific techniques and effects. For this you need a recording and a mix made with production elements that make the difference!

Instrumental tracks

If you want to make a cover of a famous song for your Youtube channel or your socials, don't rely on cheap pre-packaged instrumental basics sold in series. To get more visibility and credibility you need more quality that only a careful production process can give you. I can make for you an instrumental on which we will then record your voice together, or working from a distance I will give you all the most important indications for an optimal result.

Here you can listen a backing track that I made for Limite, which thanks to his skill and quality of production has reached in a short time on YouTube over 80 thousand views.

Song Writing

Original songs written especially for singers who want to make themselves known with new songs.


Songwriters usually write their songs in the guitar/piano and vocal form, i.e. a vocal melody over a series of chords. Or they create a melody with the voice but find it hard to come up with the harmonic "filling" of chords. In any case I can help you to complete these aspects so that they are perfectly functional to the construction of a song that works. Then I'll propose you some sound ideas, depending on your style and your requests, maybe choosing to prefer the sound of synthesizers and electronic loops or a pop rock arrangement with the use of guitars, or even a mix of both very popular in radio pop of this period.


Since 2015 I have followed courses at Spray Records in Pescara focused on different modules: production, miking and mixing. I have deepened the music production based on synthesizers (subtractive synthesis, FM, wavetable), with writing and production of songs focused on the electronic sound, the various pickup modes of acoustic instruments and the main mixing techniques.
Nel frattempo, dal 2016, ho avuto la possibilità di lavorare per due anni come assistente presso lo studio Bess di Montesilvano, entrando a contatto con una realtà particolarmente stimolante e formativa. In questa fase ho partecipato alla registrazione di svariati album di genere fusion/pop/rock, ampliando le mie conoscenze sulle tecniche di produzione/mix.
At the same time, since 2017 I started my journey as a producer with the publication of unreleased songs both by emerging artists, songs written by me and covers of famous songs, dealing with the aspects of arrangement, production and mix.
On my website www.giorgioemidi.com it is possible to listen to the productions in which I took part. In 2019 I attended the mastering course at the Massive Arts studio in Milan held by Alberto Cutolo, aware that every phase of the production of a record needs the utmost care and professionalism.
I have followed a private study path with Paolo Anessi since 2019 mainly focused on harmony and musical composition to deepen the aspects related to songwriting.
In the II level academic diploma course in Sound Engineer started at the Saint Louis in Rome in 2021, I was able to perfect the recording and mixing techniques under the guidance of Marti Jane Robertson, Eugenio Vatta and Stefano Del Vecchio.
For the past few years I have been involved in recording live performances at local music schools.